Looking for the perfect adventure but the recent unpredictable weather is discouraging you?

ATV Adventures Rizal might be the perfect weekend-venture for you & your friends! 


Address: Sapinit Road (Junction of Pintong Bocaue-Kasili Road), Antipolo, Rizal -> Searchable via WAZE

Directions: From Marcos highway – Turn left to Marikina Water Basin, just past Antipolo Hospital

  • Travel time: Approximately 1 hour
  • I don’t recommend taking public transportation going here because the place is really remote but I’m not sure maybe there’s a convenient public transport that passes though the area
  • There are few rough roads on the way
  • Adventurers coming in big groups are advised to arrange their own transportation

Google Maps: https://goo.gl/maps/HtQ1jcvGq5E2

Detailed Guide: http://www.atvadventuresrizal.com/index.php/how-to-get-here/


Monday to Sunday: 8am – 6pm


  • 50% deposit via bank deposit & 50% balance payable upon arrival
  • Minimum Tour Booking: 2 pax
  • Their optimal number of people is between 3 to 5 pax. Tours are kept in small numbers for safety reasons. If you will only be going alone, you may join another tour.
    Note: Our group was very large with 12 pax total which is the maximum number of people per group.


  • ATV’s are not toys and can be dangerous if driven irresponsibly. It is a MUST to behave responsibly at all times and follow the tour guide/s. No over-taking is allowed.
  • If there is a typhoon, cancellation of booking may occur. In which case, it can be re-booked for another time.
  • Age Restrictions: Below 16 y/o is not allowed.
  • 16 – 18 y/o’s are only allowed, if with a family group or with parent/s.
  • Exploring alone with the ATV is not allowed. All of their tours are with a guide.
  • One person per ATV Policy is a strict rule for safety!


  • All guests are advised to wear closed toe shoes. No slippers and flip flops allowed.
  • All guests are advised to wear long pants because the engine can get hot.
  • Sun block and insect repellent
  • Small backpack (waterproof)
  • Light snacks for the trail (The ATV centre is located between two local stores, which offer tasty local Filipino food/meals, fresh buko juice, soda, water etc.)
  • Drinking water
  • Swimming gear (if you want to take a dip in the river)
  • Waterproof camera or waterproof Case for your phone
  • Extra clothes + Sunglasses


  • Helmet
  • Gloves, Knee & Elbow Pads
  • Tour guide(s)
  • Safety demo and orientation

Explore Sierra Madre Mountain Range and choose from ATV Adventures Rizal’s four (4) types of trails:


Rate: P2,500 per pax
Duration: Two (2) to Three (3) hrs

Interesting Points:

  • The route will pass through pine trees and forested areas, along muddy off-road trails
  • You will be taken to a look out, from where you can see the whole of Metro-Manila.


Rate: P3,500 per pax
Duration:Three (3) to Four (4) hrs

Interesting Points:

  • The trail passes through remote trails and local communities.
  • You will be taken down to the Marikina river where you can stop off, take photos and bathe in the river (in the dry season)
  • 14km – with stop off points with great mountain views
  • This tour is more challenging than tour 1, and involves a lot of downhill and uphill slopes– but it is well worth it.

3. RIVER TRAIL ATV + TREKKING TOUR (Minimum of 4 pax for this tour)

Rate: P5,500 per pax
Duration: Four (4) to six (6) hrs

Interesting Points:

  • The tour starts at 7am. Trekking is about 2 to 3 hours walk and back to the ATV Parking.
  • You will be taken down to the river canyon, walk through the limestone rock, connect with nature, take photos and bathe in the river during summer season.
  • This tour involves a lot of trekking / walking so proper trekking shoes is a must!
  • Other things to bring: Hydration Pack, Light Snack, Trail Food


Rate: P8,000 per pax
Duration: Eight (8) hrs – Whole Day

Interesting Points:

  • A combination of ATV and trekking about 30km for one whole day of adventure
  • You will be taken to the remote areas, passes local communities, end up swimming/dip in the river and hidden waterfalls of Sierra Madre in a thick forest and jungle walk.
  • This trail requires a team work and involves a lot of downhill, uphill and walking.
  • Lunch Included!


My friends and I decided to do a meet up at 5AM so we can eat breakfast first before heading to Rizal for our ATV Adventure. The best transportation option in going to ATV Adventures Rizal is by  private car because there are rough roads on the way and there are very few public transportations passing by so commuting is not advisable to get to the location.

It is ideal to book a slot prior to your tour date instead of arriving as walk-ins because the tours lasts more than 2 hours and if ever you arrive while the slot is taken you will have to wait for a few hours before your turn. There’s a canteen beside the ATV holding area so you may buy snacks and drinks here before the tour.

Our tour was originally scheduled to start at 7am but some of our members were late so the tour started at around 830am already. It is important for guests to arrive on time as courtesy to the next batch and to avoid being pressed with time during the journey.

We availed the Marikina River Tour Adventure which is expected to last about 3 to 4 hours and is about 14km back and forth. A safety demo and orientation took place before we begin our escapade. We were also provided safety gears such as helmets and gloves for protection.

The weather was erratic during that day and I was a afraid that it might rain so I kept praying for good weather as soon as we begin. Surprisingly, weather shouldn’t be a problem and the staff even told us that some would prefer to go here during rainy season because the trail can be more challenging. 

It rained before we started so there were a lot of muds and puddles which we really enjoyed speeding through! This tour is more daring than the forest trail since it involves a lot of technical downhill and uphill sections. I got stuck on some parts of the trail during the drive especially when there are humps or deep holes on the road.

I get a little confused when using the mobile’s acceleration because I don’t really know how to drive and their ATVs are honestly not beginner friendly but the guides teaches the tourists prior to the start of the tour so it shouldn’t be problem. The guides are very attentive to our needs, always willing to help and make sure that we keep back on track if we get stuck somewhere. 

There are a few points that the guides let us stop for a while to take photos and savour the great mountain views. We were also taken down to the Marikina river where we stopped for a bit, took selfies and had a quick dip in the river. This is actually the highlight of the whole trail for me as we got to eat our snacks together, do quick chit-chats and soak ourselves in the river 🙂

The trail passes through remote trails and local communities. There were a lot of friendly locals who warmly greeted us during our adventure which also became a memorable part of the trip 🙂

Don’t let the unpredictable weather hinder you from this one of a kind experience!  

FB Page: https://www.facebook.com/ATVadventuresRIZAL/
Look for: Christiannee Cruz for Bookings
Contact Number: 0947-308-6374 | 0977-750-2671
E-mail: atvadventuresrizal@gmail.com

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